Who are the J-Knights ?

The J-Knights are a thriving Netherlands-based community of Java freelancers with close to 50 members. The J-Knights bring together some of the greatest Java minds in The Netherlands.

What do we do ?

We have regular gatherings where we eat, drink, program and discuss tech-stuff around Java and the future of computing and the world in general. Many of us found contracts through the J-Knights network and often we work together on projects.

Joining us

If you are a freelancer (or a free spirit) and are based in The Netherlands you should definitely apply to join us. Although most of us are mainly doing Java, our perspectives and interests in computing is much broader, covering distributed technologies, 3D, OSs etc.
To become a Java-Knight simply, apply to join the J-Knights mailing list.

Usage of java.net

We intend to use java.net to post our meeting presentation slides and examples

Scheduled Meetings


J-Knights was started by Just van den Broecke as a mailing list back in 2001. It turned into a real live club when Gerald de Jong of Beautiful Code BV sponsored a mini-conference in Ameland . It was called "Amelot" and everyone there was knighted and given a name with "a lot" on the end (Ger-alot, Just-alot, Sam-alot...).

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